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the Next Generation to lead!

The Global Leadership Summit Next Gen equips hundred of thousands of young people around the world each year through a dynamic and affordable leadership program ideal for schools, universities, community and youth groups.

Through a combination of live elements along with high-quality, pre-recorded content, participants will experience:

  • world-class speakers • engaging group discussions • creative problem-solving
  • fun leadership activities • inspiring performances • practical life-lessons

About GLS Next Gen

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) Next Gen is designed to empower emerging leaders to better understand their life purpose. It challenges participants to have practical outcomes and equips them in becoming a force for good in their local community.

The GLS Next Gen consists of:

  • videocast and in-person speakers,
  • creative elements,
  • leadership conversations,
  • practical activities,
  • processing times and
  • next step strategies.

Outcomes of the GLS Next Gen!

In 2022, when asked about their experience attending the GLS Next Gen participants reported these positive outcomes:




Jorrie Oosthuizen

The GLS Next Gen is not only changing one life, it changes the destiny of the student and in turn changes the world, says Jorrie. (Deputy HOD of Secondary)

Olivia Reid

Olivia shares how the GLS Next Gen was a relatable, interesting and captivating experience.

Katie Baldwin

You can’t find the leadership content of the GLS Next Gen anywhere else, and the Event Tool Kit takes the guess work out of running the event.

2023 Leadership Themes

The GLS Next Gen challenges participants to have practical outcomes and equips them to become a force for good in their local community and beyond.


Hosting GLS Next Gen

The Global Leadership Network partners with organisations across the world who have a passion to engage, equip and empower young people to grow in their leadership. We provide the resources and support for you to run a GLS Next Gen at your own venue and with your own team.

Already registered to Host GLS Next Gen?

To gain access to your Event Toolkit, Please refer to the links below and the password you received via email.

Hear what others say about GLS Next Gen

Rees Davis

Executive Principal of King’s Christian College, Rees shares how the GLS Next Gen provides training for tomorrow’s generation and equips them to lead effectively.

Leroy Corea

A teacher at Staines Memorial College, Leroy explains how the discussion groups at GLS Next Gen helped facilitate growth in his students.

I remember sitting, listening to the speakers from GLS Next Gen and realising that I have a place. There is a purpose for my strengths, a reason for my heart for people and finding a way to engage those strengths is my responsibility. It didn’t just open my eyes and heart to the path of leadership, but also how I can have real, deep and wide influence. I love GLS!!!!

Previous Student AttendeeCalvary Christian College (Carbrook, QLD)

As educators, we understand the intrinsic value of investing into the leaders of our tomorrow, and often shout out in celebration at the potential and capacity of our young people. But, do you know what has an even greater impact? Recognising the opportunity, taking that potential and capacity, and multiplying it! The GLS Next Gen does exactly that - EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Steve CooteGroup Director, Pacific Group of Schools

Still have Questions?

We want to make hosting the GLS Next Gen as simple as possible. If you have any further questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

With flexible delivery options, let us equip you to host a GLS Next Gen at your venue, with your team and at a time that best suits you!


Launch straight into your GLS Next Gen experience with this time saving package! Complete with ready-made templates, pre-selected world-class speakers, resources and exciting leadership challenges.

The COMPACT GLS Next Gen package provides 4 x 75 minute sessions and is a perfect resource for any conference, youth camp or leadership seminar.

A dynamic way to invest into your next gen leaders.

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Design your own leadership program through the GLS Next Gen!

With easy access to year-round world-class speaker content and contextualized GLS Next Gen coaching sessions, the GLS Next Gen provides a professional way for you to empower your young people to lead

Gain access to 25+ exclusive leadership talks, resources and leadership challenges to build a flexible program that suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can my organisation host a GLS Next Gen?

Upon confirming the GLS Next Gen option and completing the coaching session required, you can host your event at a time that best suits you! Your access to the content is valid for the remainder of the calendar year, ie. until December 31st

What is the suggested format?

GLS Next Gen consists of four 75-minute sessions, each exploring a different leadership theme. Schools typically host their event as a one day event (9am – 3pm or standard school hours), or spaced out over a couple of days (camps and retreats) or across several weeks (embedded into single lessons). Youth groups and community organisations may wish to host a one-off special event and encourage their young people to invite friends to participate.

Does GLS Next Gen support school curriculum?

GLS Next Gen supports education and learning. It is designed for students aged between 12 to 24 years of age. It can be built as part of the school curriculum. For faith-based schools, it can also support learning in classes such as Religious Education and Christian Living.

Does GLS Next Gen provide processing tools eg: notebook to all participants?

YES! We provide a high-quality notebook and other dynamic processing tools to assist participants to maximise their learning. These resources are available in a digital format and ​are located on our GLS Next Gen Event Tool Kit. For the notebook, we recommend that you provide printed copies to your attendees.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a GLS Next Gen Host?

No – If you have the passion to engage, equip and empower young people to grow in their leadership, we will provide the resources and support for you to host a GLS Next Gen at your own venue and with your own team.

What would be the charges required to run GLS Next Gen?

No charges will be imposed. However, you could plan your gift/ contribution to us so that we continue the running of GLS Next Gen.

Can I speak with someone to determine which option best suits my organisation?

Absolutely, we’d love to assist! Contact us to arrange a phone call or Zoom call via

What is the speaker line-up?

We consult with educators and young people to present the most age-appropriate and exceptional content from a range of world-class speakers. ​These speakers are reviewed annually and the GLS Next Gen is updated with fresh content each year.

What is the registration cost to attendees?

You may choose to present the GLS Next Gen free of charge or pass on an appropriate fee for the purpose of enhancing the attendee experience (to cover costs such as catering, production and printing the notebook). ​

Who is responsible for running the event including ticketing, marketing and catering?

We will equip you with all the tools you need to run a successful event with your own team and in your own venue.

Should the event be run by adults or young people?

The GLS Next Gen is designed to be adult coached and young person run. So, invite your young people to become actively involved, including areas such as production, catering, and up-front roles.

How do I find out more about Hosting?

Learn more by clicking on the “Hosting” tab at the top of the page.

When will I receive the programming content?

Shortly after you signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), you will receive access to all pre-recorded speaker and event content which enables you to build your own unique experience.

What training is provided?

You will be provided with a training manual and ongoing support from our Next Generation Engagement Officer.