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Who We Are

We are part of the Global Leadership Network, a not-for-profit ministry working with leaders from a wide range of denominations in over 100 countries around the globe.

The Global Leadership Network (GLN) is a community of curious, growth-minded, change-driven people committed to developing their leadership skills to maximize their influence for the purpose of igniting positive transformation wherever they live and work. ​

For more than 25 years, the GLN has been driven by the belief that leadership changes everything–When you commit to grow your leadership, everyone around you wins—businesses work for good, communities are transformed and churches thrive!​

Our Vision

Building up the Malaysian Church through leadership development


Our Mission

Equip, enable and inspire Malaysian Leaders with world class leadership development that ignites transformation

GLN Malaysia seeks to collaborate with like-minded individuals, ministries and organizations and unite leadership development efforts in Malaysia. We are a member organization registered with NECF.

Global Leadership Summit

Probably the biggest leadership conference in the world, the GLS features world class speakers bringing fresh insights and actionable leadership lessons. Each year, the GLS is held across the globe in 68 languages in 900+ sites across 135 countries, on track to reach 1 million people worldwide.  

The GLS first came to our shores in Malaysia in 2006 starting in Agape Church Seremban. Now, there are GLSs across Malaysia in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, with more languages to come! 

If you’re interested to find out more about hosting a Global Leadership Summit in your church, contact us at 

Global Leadership SummitNetwork

Since our founding in 1992, we’ve held a deep-seated belief that the Church is God’s plan to redeem and restore our world. Our initial focus on sharing ministry innovations with pioneering church leaders has evolved, and now we exclusively focus on leadership development. Today we exist not just to serve church leaders, but Christians in all sectors of society to impact the world